How to Win an ROTC Scholarship

ROTC Scholarship Course Introduction
Welcome to the Course
13 mins
Course Introduction Download
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ROTC Deadlines-- Trello Board
ROTC Overview and Considerations
ROTC Incentives Overview (Room and Board, In State Tuition, ect.)
16 mins
High School Qualifications: Scholars, Athletes, and Leaders
What ROTC Scholarship Programs Are Looking For in Applicants
19 mins
Interview and Essay Preparation
Writing Successful Essays to Win an ROTC Scholarship
20 mins
ROTC Essay Workbook
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How to Prepare for your Interview
24 mins
ROTC Interview Workbook
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Find a National Guard Unit Near You
ROTC Fitness Assessment
How to Pass the Fitness Assessment
10 mins
ROTC Fitness Test Workbook
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Army ROTC Scholarship Fitness Test Score Chart
Navy ROTC Applicant Fitness Assessment Calculator
Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment Calculator
The Marine Corps Option Fitness Test Calculator
How to Get Medically Qualified with DoDMERB
Navigating the DoDMERB Process
35 mins
DODMERB Application Walk Through.mp4
18 mins
DODMERB Medical Questions
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DoDMERB Workbook
1.07 MB
List of All Medical Disqualifiers: DoDI 6130.03
Air Force ROTC Application
Air Force ROTC Application Walk Through
26 mins
AFROTC Counselor Certification Form
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AFROTC Physical Fitness Certification Form
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AFROTC Applicant_Guide.pdf
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Army ROTC Application
Army ROTC Application Walk Through
41 mins
The Army ROTC CBEF or Psychological Test
20 mins
The Army Early Commissioning Program
39 mins
Navy ROTC Application
2021-2022 NROTC Scholarship Application Instructions
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Navy ROTC Application Walk Through
30 mins
NROTC Teacher Evaluation
148 KB
NROTC Secondary School Evaluation
167 KB
NROTC Fitness Test Score Sheet
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Free eBook: Insider's Guide to Army, Navy and Air Force ROTC Scholarships
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Insiders Guide to the Army and Air Force ROTC Scholarship.pdf
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Insiders Guide to the Navy ROTC and Navy ROTC-Marine Corps Option Scholarship
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